Milkweed and Monarchs #ThursdayThoughts

What more can I add to the already enormous amount of factual information & interesting literature in cyberspace, stating why we should plant milkweed in the garden to help Monarch butterflies?!

Not much, I admit…

(Sharing those links below).

In any case, I’ll try to promote the idea by sharing here how this past summer, I let the milkweed roam & grow where they liked.

Did I mention their scent is lovely? Well, it really is. -> Next year, take a snootful and see (smell) for yourself what I mean.

Rarely, but on occasion, the ‘o.c.d./weeding/tidy up the garden’ gardener in me, reached in towards the flower beds in order to pluck a few out.

But, I came to my senses and resisted… then scolded myself in the process.

Glad I restrained myself, because when it comes right down to it, what is a garden really for?

Our personal enjoyment yes, but also to encourage and help the other beings on this planet thrive, be they insects, birds, or mammals.

At the end of the season I was duly rewarded with plenty of seeds pods that burst forth in a spectacular fashion! Truly, they are nature’s understated fireworks.

So, I collected many seed pods and dried them in order to scatter those seeds all around our property next spring.

Here’s hoping it helps our winged friends, even a little bit, and that many of them will visit me next year.

Just some thoughts on a snowy winter day. 🙂

Further reading

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2 thoughts on “Milkweed and Monarchs #ThursdayThoughts

  1. Thank you for the link about monarchs. I actually haven’t read about milkweed and monarchs before, just knew milkweed was Important for monarchs. Having read your post, I will make sure to plant milkweed next spring!
    Wanted to share with your tribe that at Villa St Joseph at Cobourg the sisters have planted a field of milkweed. It is right beside their lovely labyrinth, which is right beside Lake Ontario. If you want an inspiring experience next summer, take a drive, walk on the labyrinth and gaze upon the field of milkweed with 100s of monarchs flying above it. It was the highlight of last summer for me!

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    • Thrilled to hear it, Sue! Just to see one or two butterflies in the garden is the best reward for planting some. And, thanks for the informations about Villa St. Joseph. On my bucket list for next year! Would be lovely to see & walk that labyrinth, too. I’ll have to search it out. We’re always looking for a good day trip during the summer. Enjoy your weekend, Sue, and if we don’t chat beforehand, Happy Holidays! All the best for 2020. A new decade, wow! xo


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