When it comes to garden design, the possibilities are endless!

Wall Flower Studio business logo squareEach client has individual needs.

Some prefer to do the work themselves and they’re purely seeking guidance or professional advice. Other clients have established gardens but require help with maintenance, weeding or watering. Others still are looking for a completely new design and overhaul of their property.

In addition, many lake front property owners have environmental and ecological concerns. They’re looking to lessen the impact their property has on the watershed.

Dominion Hotel - Grill on the Gull garden

Dominion Hotel garden – Minden ON Canada – Before & after

With all of the above points in mind, Karen happily engages with all of her clients landscaping requirements, including:
Wall Flower Studio perennial planting– container gardening
-garden coaching
-maintenance and much more…

Initial Consultation

-Walk project site with client
-Gather information from client regarding project i.e: goals, concerns and budget
-Discuss design ideas and possibilities: colour scheme, shade/sun, etc.
-Project size and scope
-For consultation information please visit:  HERE 

Conceptualize – Design – Budget

-Perform site analysis, take measurements and inventory existing elements
-Draft conceptual plan based on objective identified in consultation
-Develop project budget with high and low options based on project scope and material choices
-Present conceptual plan and project budget to client for feedback
-Client selects from menu of options to determine project scope and materials
-Client feedback and budget/design revisions if required

Design – Plans

Most landscape drawings are done on computer programs these days. Karen is happy to do this as well, but prefers hand drawings, not only because she is an artist, but because a drawing shares the character of the garden more fully, and also allow for a full range of shapes, colour and line. Karen finds that garden design is a process best expressed initially through a plan drawing.



Karen has an open and flexible garden design process. She begins with a clear definition of the client’s goals and objectives. These are fitted to the unique opportunities that are found throughout the client’s site. The design develops by honouring both opportunities and constraints.Together with the client, Karen explores all design alternatives before crafting a final plan.

Realistic financial goals are key. Wish lists and project expectations are quickly paired with budget realities. Materials and subcontractors are selected based on value and quality. The client is always included in this process. Karen’s design fees are fair and reasonable.

www.cohpoa.orgTo view samples of Karen’s work, please visit: Houzz (or) Flickr
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Thank you!

*** Karen will not be taking on any new clients for the 2022 season – Though I’m fully booked this year, do contact me in the Autumn if you wish to discuss your property for the 2023 season.  Thank you for your interest!