Fairy gardens

Every Fairy garden is unique!

Fairy gardens can be created in a tree stump, on a small clay saucer, in a flower pot, an old wheelbarrow, a crate, window box or galvanized tub.

I’m sure you get the point that the possibilities are endless!

Personally speaking, I prefer to adorn these wee gardens with natural elements.

I collect fallen branches, twigs, bits of paper birch, bark, acorns, mosses, rocks, and other found items from our yard. Not only am I using natural items from the earth, but I get to clean up the yard a bit, too!

Thought I don’t judge, my feeling is that the ‘Wee folk’ wouldn’t thank us for items placed in their garden that are made of plastic.

It just seems to go against what the Fairies represent. But the actual point is to enjoy the process, along with the outcome!

Have fun creating your wee garden. 🙂