Flowering Friday – Gladiola

Having worked as a floral designer in Toronto for many years, I developed a love for gladiolas, despite the opinion of many who may look upon them only as flowers for funerals.

These photos were taken at our local farmers’ market a few years ago, back when I was the market manager. Fisher Farms, one of our attendees had several buckets of these beauties in their booth. That glorious group seemed beg me to snap some photos.

My preference is for purple or the light green glads. A vase of a dozen or so look spectacular on our kitchen counter, and as a cut flower they last for ages! Lots of bang for your buck.

Admittedly there were many gladiolas in the garden when we bought our current house. All those spikes standing up like soldiers didn’t endear themselves to me. Not a very welcoming look, so out they went! Just plain bad Feng Shui.. (Plus, they’re not hardy here, and I can be a lazy gardener in my own plot. Who has time to plant the corms each spring and remove them again in the fall? Not me!)  In any case, I’m happy to support local growers and purchase any flowers I prefer in a vase as opposed to my garden, from them.

Lots of colour to share on a monochromatic early spring day! Remember, they’re not just for funerals! Happy flowering Friday, everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Flowering Friday – Gladiola

  1. I love glads, too. I was not aware of their association with funerals until I was married some 35+ years ago and wanted them at my wedding. You should have seen my mother-in-law-to-be’s face! They were vetoed and instead I had pink roses and daisies. Ick.


  2. Susanne, I’m happy to know you like them too, thanks!
    But, I can well imagine that veto and look on your mother-in-law’s face! I saw that same look from my own mother who would have included lilies in that category.. Many folk see those as funereal symbols as well. It’s a shame that certain flowers carry such a burden on their shoulders!


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