March goes out like a lion

Well, fingers were crossed that March would leave like a lamb. Unfortunately that’s not going to be the case!

Happily, I did see a Robin this morning! Personally speaking, that is MY first official day of spring, no matter what the calendar states.

The year we moved from Toronto up here to Haliburton, someone (I forget who), told me that it always snows one more time once the Robins arrive. So far in the last decade, that’s been the case. Don’t ask me why, but I keep track of these things, (along with the arrival of Hummingbirds), but this may have something to do with wanting to wave bye-bye to old man winter.

In any case I won’t be seeing those tulips in the garden for at least a few more weeks. The photo above is from last year, taken before some critter ate them, a part of county life I’ve come to accept, for the most part.

We have had a lovely taste of spring these past few days. The weather has been beautiful. Enough snow has melted to see a section of our driveway! The bad new is, that’s going to change this evening… We’re looking at possible freezing rain mixed with snow.

As you can see from the screen shot I took on the Canadian gov weather site, quite the system is approaching. That radar picture reminds me of Pac Man or  better yet, that same March lion with it’s mouth wide open, about to take a bite out of Ontario.

The good news is I am patient and know spring will be strutting her stuff pretty soon.  – Until then, Safe driving!


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