Feel Good Friday – A #FridayFeeling and #TGIF prescription

In light of all the ‘happenings’ in the world these days, in general, it seems to me that many people focus on what’s negative; today I choose to think positive!

With a family I love and who loves me back, a roof over my head, food in the fridge, a wonderful cat, and the promise of spring, I am indeed a rich person.

This is not me burying my head in the sand. I watch the world with keen eyes. Indulge me if you will…

I see greed, war, poverty, decreasing democracy, nationalism, inequality, health, & major ecological issues, just to name a few. Each one in itself seemingly insurmountable, let alone when combined in a wider list.

The Worship of Mammon, and the personification of material greed, by Evelyn De Morgan. 1909

Online, on TV, or out & about, we’re inundated by 24 hour news cycles thrusting people’s anger towards us, depending on what side of the aisle one is on, which can trap our mindset in what may seem to be a planet pitted in frustration.

We’re told by marketing folk that the material things we lack are the only things that will actually make us happy. I’m just not buying in to that any longer, (pun intended). Further to that, we all know ‘you can’t take it with you’, so why do we willingly chain ourselves to so much of it in the first place?

Maybe I’m just getting old. Maybe it’s because I just read this quote: ‘Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.” 😉

I’m not saying we shouldn’t want to better our selves, our circumstances, fix what’s broken, (pipes or political systems), or follow our dreams. I’m simply asking why, when we see what ‘the Joneses’ possess and we do not, do we feel any need to keep up? Are we really lacking something, and is that something making our life less somehow, or are we simply conditioned to think that’s the case?

In any case, I won’t be able to think positively every day. Nobody could! But, I won’t beat myself up for it either. That’s where vicious cycles begin. Maybe an admission of this can bring balances. Perhaps it’s healthy to consider what’s wrong with the world sometimes in order to fully understand what’s right about it.

Maybe if we don’t dwell too much on either view, the world could become a happier place.

Maybe my mindful exercises will continue to keep my spirit light! Hopefully focusing on a ‘less is more’ mentality, and the many positives in this life, I won’t tune out the world’s problems, but won’t internalize them either, meaning there’s less risk of morphing into an ostrich, or some sickeningly sweet Pollyanna. 😉

Here’s a list of activities I’ll be doing more often. In no particular order!

  • Engaging with/in nature
  • creating more art
  • reading more books
  • baking & cooking new recipes
  • listening to more music
  • spending more time with family
  • catching up with old friends & far-away family
  • spending less time in front of screens, including this one
  • finishing my book
  • finding humor in situations (whenever possible, & not funerals!)
  • gardening, gardening & more gardening
  • Enjoying each season as it arrives & lasts (translation: not complaining about winter because it’s cold & snowy so I can’t be out growing flowers in the garden) 😉

Mrs. Woman

Seeking happiness within, and without, is my effort to engage in a balanced life. With a clear perspective of this ever changing world, it’s a worthwhile effort to look within, and out at the world around us, put ourselves in other’s shoes, and hopefully see what’s important and what is not.

What makes you happy? What would be on your list?

TGIF, my friends! Happy Friday! Have a terrific weekend. ~ Karen

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6 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday – A #FridayFeeling and #TGIF prescription

  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post.
    Something I am doing which is really encouraging me this winter is reading the revised and updated version of the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I loved it when it came out 25 years ago, and I am loving it again. She is reminding us and teaching us how to be happy with the simple pleasures and graces of life. It is set up as daily readings, but I must admit I am tending to read 3 or 4 of them at a time! I can highly recommend it.

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    • Just the title, Simple Abundance, says it all. And, 25 years is some kind of staying power. It must resonate with many people. I’ll definitely look for the book, Sue. Thank you! Some of us seem to stumble our way into this mind set as I did. Thanks for your lovely and supportive comments. With no pressure meant, I look forward to them. Hope you’re having a great weekend! xo


  2. Really nice post for folk like me in the UK who voted Remain and are worried about the future. (realise not appropriate place to get too political but it is such a major thing here at the moment). I find meditation, etc quite difficult but I find engaging in nature, even in the smallest of ways a great way to find joy, and peace of mind. his can range of walking in woods, to spotting the birds at my garden bird feeder or a teeny posy in a quirky container (I like early 20th C ink bottles. Mini perfume bottles are cool too)

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    • Thanks for that, Hilary. This past Friday was such a bleak day, for the UK & the US. Things I never thought I’d live to see! Totally agree about giving politics a wide berth, but like you say there are worries about the the shape of things to come. Agree about meditation. I must not be doing it right, lol! Like you say, nature seems to be the best way to find joy & be the moment. And yes, bird watching or collecting flowers are excellent ways, too. Have you done a post about the ink & perfume bottles? I bet they’re lovely! I have a few of my grandma’s perfume bottles. I bet a wee flower posy looks charming in the ink bottles. Good idea! Thanks for sharing, Hilary. It’s times like this I also remind myself that the pendulum always swings back. I hope it’s sooner than later! Enjoy your day, Karen

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  3. I thought these were great positive healthy ways to be positive. I myself love to write, read, cook, not sure if the baking is my thing but I´ll have to give it a shot, and I actually worked as a gardener, I did find peace in it apart from a back breaking job. I like your attitude towards life, nobody likes a person always sad, it´s contagious. And the reverse, a positive person is contagious but in a positive way.
    Have a great day! Nice blog.

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    • Thanks Charly, I appreciate that very much! Nice to hear thoughts from a fellow gardener as it can be back breaking work, but yes, peaceful as well. You’ve summed up everything nicely, too.. Negative or positive, both can be contagious.
      Hope you have a good day, too!


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