Sharing Wall Flower Studio’s retail shop hours + Minden shopping event: ‘Stay outta the Dog House’

stay-outta-the-dog-house-wfs-minden-shopping-evening-living-green-roofJoin us at Wall Flower Studio, and other lovely shops in Minden for the annual ‘Stay Out of the Doghouse’  Men’s shopping night on Thursday Dec. 22 from 6 to 8 pm

Many local downtown shops will be open late, for your last minute seasonal shopping convenience.

wall-flower-studio-october-2016-inside-the-shopWe offer culinary, spa and garden gifts and stocking stuffers for both those easy & hard to purchase for people. 🙂

As I work on packing up and shipping out the last of our online orders today, with all that snow that has fallen, it looks like we’ll have a snow-filled holiday this year after all!

Just a note… We’re open every day through until Christmas Eve! Unless the weather is really bad. Please call first: 705-286-6999 or email through the contact box below. (It helps me combat spam, thanks!)

wall-flower-studio-shop-hours-decmeber-12-18-th-2016Safe driving and Happy Holidays from Karen @ Wall Flower Studio!

  • Gift baskets – tea, spa, culinary & gardening
  • DIY kits for easy gift giving
  • Terrariums & succulent gardens
  • Loads of stocking stuffers
  • Local art & paper goods
  • Our locally made bath salts, soaps and skin care products are created right here in #MyHaliburtonHighlands!

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DIY floral apothecary tub soaks

Rose Milk bath soak - Wall Flower Studio

I think most gardeners are somewhat crafty people, and if you grow herbs in your garden and if you like to dry and store them, why not make your own herbal tea bath bags?

I’ve been doing it for years, and thought maybe it would be something interesting to share with everyone.

My Grandma always used Epsom salts, speaking highly of their virtues. Being a bath person myself, I started adding Epsom salt, sea salt, and various dried herbs in muslin bags, tying the bag to the tap as the bath water runs through it.

Relax all your cares away in a hot bath with all the essential ingredients contained in these bags. It’s especially nice after a long day in the garden.

Dried lavender flowers release essential oil and fragrance into the bath. The sea salts dissolves and works to relax tired and sore muscles. Milk powder dissolves to condition skin.

The best thing is that rejuvenated feeling after a good soak. There is no mess of dried flowers to clean up – just pick the tea bag up to discard. I put mine in the composter.

Rose Bath Tub Tea packets - Wall Flower Studio

You can buy empty tea bags, fill them with herbs and iron them shut! I love the fact that you can choose your own natural ingredients. Nothing harmful to the body or the environment.

Lavender, mint, sage, basil, chamomile, or anything that strikes your fancy, can be added, then ironed shut and tossed in the bath! It’s that easy.

Here’s a recipe I’ve used for many years. Hope you enjoy it too!

You’ll need…

~1 muslin bag (or) empty heat sealed tea bag or pretty jar with lid.

~ Some dried herbs: lavender, rosemary, rose hips, chamomile, rose petals, dried orange or lemon peels

~ 1/2 cup Epsom Salts

~ Blender

~ 1 tablespoon of Dried milk powderBath salt soaks in coloured apothecary jars Wall Flower Studio

~1/4 cup Dead Sea Salts

~ Essential oil of your choice (Just a couple of drops)

~ Olive Oil or Safflower oil (Just a couple drops)


~Mix the dried flowers/herbs in the blender which helps to release their essential oils.

~Add a few drops of essential oil with a half cup of Epsom salts.

~Mix well and fill your muslin cotton sachet or tea bag and seal it.

~Hang the muslin bag from the spigot on your tub, or just float the bath tea bag in the tub for a few minutes before you get in. It’s that easy! Enjoy!

If you’d like to try some, but don’t have the ingredients or the time, please feel free to visit my Etsy shop where I have Bath Tea Spa bags available, and many other great gifts from the garden. Wall Flower Studio ships worldwide. Thank you!

Happy bathing! 🙂