Sharing some of our basil seedlings grown in eggshells

April 2014 Wall Flower Studio growing Basil - seeds in eggshells - Karen SloanHere’s a handy hint for anyone starting seeds but doesn’t have any wee containers. Simply save your eggshells and start your seeds in them!

I’ve started my large leaf basil, and the beautiful thing is that the whole thing can be planted, including the egg carton! Or, plant the eggshells, rip up the carton, and feed it to the vermicomposter. Worms will love it!

This way the seedling’s roots remain undisturbed, and that summer pesto is closer than ever to becoming a reality. 😉 Happy Gardening!

13862346694_961900bd24_oBasil herbs seeds sprouting in eggshell - seedlings at Wall Flower Studio - Copyright Karen Sloan

Amaryllis blooms from seed to stalk – #FloweringFriday

Amaryllis vittatum - Wall Flower Studio 2016

Amaryllis ‘vittata’

Amaryllis in bloom Jan 2016 Wall Flower Studio - Karen Sloan

Amaryllis vittata – I pollinate these flowers by hand, lightly dusting the pollen from the anther of one flower on to the stigma of another.  I  look forward to harvesting the seeds every year and growing new plants!

Amaryllis Seed Pod opened wfs (1)

Seed pod pops open by itself.

floating Amaryllis seeds for viability - Wall Flower Studio

Floating amaryllis seeds in water can help to tell which ones are viable. I’ve found it easy to tell, just by how plump each one is.









It was 6 years before seeds I planted actually flowered. Admittedly, there is nothing more thrilling than to see that stalk emerge from a bulb you’ve grown from seed. Patience is likely the biggest ingredient!

Happy Flowering Friday!