Happy Earth Day to my fellow earthlings! #ED2017

Gaillardia aristata

Today is the day we celebrate our beautiful planet. Many of us participate in the health and well being of this tiny speck in the universe we call home. Be it animal, vegetable or mineral – we’re all connected!

Logic tells me that since there is only one Mother Earth, we all benefit, especially future generations if she’s respected and taken care of.

For this Earth day post I thought to offer a few suggestions, on what might seem like small things we can do in our own neck of the woods. When these good deeds are added up, we can all help save energy and help the environment.

Trout Lily

In honour of Earth Day, I happily spent some time in the garden. Was able to plant 2 types of heirloom peas, along with Russian red kale, and some other hardier heirloom veggies in our raised beds. It’s still a wee bit cool here in Haliburton County, but considering what day it is and that the sun was shining, having dirty fingernails seemed obligatory. 😉

So, really every day should be Earth Day!

  • Please don’t use pesticides or herbicides in the garden, ever!
  • Purchase products with less (or recyclable/recycled) packaging.
  • Turn lights/TV/computer off when not using them.
  • Use LED light bulbs
  • Plant flowers native to your area in the garden for pollinators and wildlife.
  • Build a composter
  • Shop locally & seasonally
  • Eat locally grown food, and grow your own!
  • Buy organic household products when you can.
  • Reduce/Reuse/Recycle
  • Feel free to add to this list..!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Easter, Ēostre or Ostara – #WordlessWednesday



Grackles galore and a wave of wings

Spring arrived on the wings of birds yesterday, by way of many Grackles who made themselves known to me by sound, before I could actually see them.

My far off photo doesn’t do these lovely birds justice.  One really has to appreciate Grackles by seeing them up close.  Quite impossible to see their glossy blue heads and iridescent bodies from this distance. They’re actually quite beautiful birds!

The amount of Grackles I could offer here by way of a photo is just the tip of the iceberg, too. There must have been at least 80 birds and counting as I watched their compatriots arriving in a winged wave.

As they announced themselves to anyone and everyone in the vicinity, movie buffs might almost sense Alfred Hitchcock’s ghost lurking about! But no,  an eerie feeling of impending doom wasn’t felt from these exuberant feathered friends. Quite the opposite! More like a convivial banter and a salutation of spring.