Queen Bee Bitters

Queen Bee Bitters display at Wall Flower StudioQueen Bee Bitters are Canadian made, small-batch, hand-crafted bitters, created to enhance spirits, cocktails & culinary recipes.

Queen Bee Bitters LOGO Wall Flower StudioCocktail bitters are typically used for flavoring cocktails in drops or dashes. They consist of alcohol and herbal essences. A drop and a dash go a long way to help create a well crafted cocktail.

Many makers of bitters will claim all sorts of health benefits. The truth is, there are no facts about whether or not bitters aid in improving digestion.

“As historians point out, such “medicines” were really just a guise for selling what in essence were alcoholic drinks to unsuspecting (or suspecting) consumers…” – University of Berkeley California Wellness Page

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The botanical ingredients in preparing bitters historically consist of aromatic herbs, bark, roots, and/or fruit for their flavour and medicinal properties. Some of the more commonly used ingredients include sarsaparilla, cassia, gentian, orange peel, and cinchona bark.

While we do use these ingredients in our recipes, we also think outside of the box.
Queen Bee Bitters delights in original creativity, containing many of the aforementioned ingredients, along with many other organically grown herbs and flowers from our own gardens here in Ontario, Canada.

With all of this in mind, our other goal is to support bees and pollinators of all shapes and sizes, hence our name! Queen Bee Bitters’ mission, along with creating a great product for cocktail creations, and as a natural digestive, is to enlighten others, (without ranting) on how we can all help the bees.

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Pouring bitters at Wall Flower StudioOur available bitters:

– Beehive
– Orange
– Lemon
– Floral Spice
– Vanilla Coffee

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