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Mulling spice kit wfs etsyWall Flower Studio offers hand made, small batch BBQ rubs, Herbal, Chai and Green Tea, Brines, cocktail sugar rims, herbal vinegar, culinary lavender, hot cocoa, bitters, diy kits, and more!

559f138ce0deac2f13f55f50b23c4c4aOur Culinary offerings are created mainly with freshly harvested herbs we grow in our own gardens. Otherwise, we source certified organic herbs and spices we can’t grow, due to our Canadian climate, from like-minded businesses. Our seasonings are ground and blended for our traditional family recipes, and many others by our sense of creative and experimental culinary cuisine exploration!

haute-cocoa-choc-chai-and-snow-009small-batch-vinegars-at-wall-flower-studioCulinary herbs and spices offer a wealth of nourishment. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, they may provide many health benefits while at the same time, adding exceptional flavor to your meals.

Herbal TeaOur blends are packaged in a 4 ounce glass containers and tins. They are available to purchase online in our Etsy shop, or by visiting our brick and mortar store at: 115 Bobcaygeon Rd., Minden Ontario, Canada!

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