Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes!

Whether your container holds a succulent, a tropical plant, or just green moss, these self-contained living ecosystems are the perfect indoor gift for plant lovers.

Ideal for green thumbs and plant-novices alike, succulent/cacti terrariums require minimal watering, maintenance and care.

Cacti and succulents do require an opening in the container. Basically desert plants, we all know that cacti like dry conditions. Succulents will rot if there is insufficient air flow around them.

They do not like to sit or stand in water and should completely dry out between drinks.

The name ‘terrarium’ with regard to succulents is suspect. Anything with a cacti or succulent should actually be called an aerium terrarium. At least it rhymes!

A true terrarium consists of tropical plants, Tillandsia, ferns, and mosses. All of these types of plants prefer a humid environment.

Begonias, Baby’s tears, creeping figs, Ivy, mosses, Crotons, Fittonia, Pilea, Adiantum, and pretty well any plant growing in a rainforest are exactly the type suited to an enclosed terrarium.

They will thrive, provided they don’t get too much sun or they’ll cook and rot right before your eyes!

Under these controlled conditions, a terrarium can also be used to start new plants from cuttings or seeds.

For more information on terrariums, their history and all the different types, I suggest a visit to Wikipedia’s page.

Just a note, I do offer local and regional workshops on terrariums. Please do get in touch if you’d like to request a workshop, or host me at your own event. Thank you!