Air plants


air-plants-sputniks-wfsWe love Air plants!

Air plants, also known as epiphytes,  are related to pineapples and other bromeliads, except they have aerial roots, unlike their immobile plant counterparts that require their feet, (roots) firmly planted in soil.

They live mainly on branches of other plants and trees, and these unusual plants access any nutrients & water they require from the air.

air-plants-sputniks-and-xerographicaBecause of this, air plants are relatively easy to care for and their botanical decorating possibilities are only limited by our imaginations !

Accessorize them in your favorite container, terrarium or vase; hang them from your ceiling or wall;  glue them to a magnet and put them on the fridge! 

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air-plants-at-wall-flower-studioFor more information on how to care for air plants/tillandsia, please visit: HERE