Green Initiatives

Bring us your empties! Receive a reward for your earth-friendliness!

love-recycleHere’s how it works: When you make a purchase at Wall Flower Studio, you will receive a plantable paper card – We’ll stamp it each time you bring back an empty glass jar/bottle/tin with its lid, purchased at our store. (i.e: One empty bottle equals one stamp).

When you reach ten stamps, you get to choose *one travel-sized apothecary/culinary item from a selection at the shop!


Plant your stamped plantable paper card once it’s filled with stamps. It will grow North American native wild flower seeds! Everybody wins, especially the environment.

*This reward is a final exchange – Each free reward cannot be exchanged and is non-refundable. Thank you!


About our products packaging:

  •  Our tins and glass are recycled
  •   Our packaging is made from recycled materials
  • The use of cellophane (or polypropylene) to wrap our products and gift boxes is used sparingly.
  • Cardboard boxes that arrive at our shop are recycled into tags!