An Owl on the prowl – Bird watching on #WildlifeWednesday

We were lucky to see this magnificent Barred Owl, yesterday.

It was sitting on the fence, keeping a keen eye on several Ravens, Crows, and Blue Jays who began to gather in the tree above. They were all squawking furiously at him!🦉

Apparently, Corvids don’t like Owls very much, and after witnessing this, I imagine the feeling is mutual.

It’s lucky for me they don’t like one another!

If they weren’t squawking at the owl, I wouldn’t have known it was there. 🙂

Barred Owl


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6 thoughts on “An Owl on the prowl – Bird watching on #WildlifeWednesday

    • Thank you, Katherine! It was just a gorgeous day on Tuesday… Mild and sunny, with all the snow melted from the trees.
      I’ve added a couple more photos. The 3rd one shows the snow on our neighbour’s roof. Even more today! At least a foot has fallen over night. A winter wonderland, for sure!


  1. Lovely owl pics. I’ve never seen in one in real life but a few years ago heard one in the evenings near my house. Don’t know if it’s the changing climate or loss of owl-friendly habitat but haven’t heard the owl for ages instead I hear the screech of the occasional parakeet. A renegade on lives in the park near me.

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